Now we have RSS

Old but not dead

A good internet-friend of mine, Josh, asked does my blog have an RSS feed, so I decided to build one.

ox-rss didn't work for me, because I write posts in separate files. Then I found Webfeeder and it worked with this small snippet.

(defun rss-gen()
   (delete '"index.html" (directory-files "~/Nextcloud/Documents/blog/pages/" nil
   :title "anonimno's blog"
   :description "My blog in RSS"
   :builder 'webfeeder-make-rss))

To get the publication date right, I had to place this in my org-files

<p class=\"pubdate\"> Published: 2020-12-30 </p>

Not happy that I have to fill in the date of the post on two places, but I lost so much time looking for a nice solution … and no luck.

Update <2021-01-01 Fri>:

  • I found another way :)! These changes in the org-publish setup work
:html-head "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"/assets/site.css\" />"
:html-head-extra "<a href=\"/index.html\"> <img alt=\"anonimno\" class=\"avatar--circle\" src=\"/assets/avatar.png\" width=\"100\" height=\"100\"></a>"
:html-preamble "<p class=\"pubdate\" style=\"visibility:hidden;\" > %d </p>"

Get the RSS feed and have fun.

Happy Hacking!!

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