Second try, clean install


So I decided to make a complete reinstall. Why?
I kept my system up to date but also played around a lot trying to find a good terminal application, setup Emacs, find a nice video player … and I got the system corrupted somehow. I wasn't able to install any package, because apt kept crashing.
Also there seems to be a bug in Phosh, which makes Phosh crash a lot when I am using the attached keyboard. I did a lot of debugging with Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, but for the time being we were not able to reproduce the bug in an consistent manner.
That is why I decided to start again and see if the bug also happens with a clean system.

Install and first thoughts

This time I installed using Jumpdrive and it was a breeze:

  • Boot the Pinetab from a SD-Card with Jumpdrive and then connect the Pinetab to the computer.
  • Write the image with sudo dd bs=64k if=mobian_image of=/dev/sdb status=progress.
  • Take the SD-Card out and reboot.

After the install I was amazed. Initial setup went without problems and crashes. All the programs on the initial system scale properly and the system is a lot more polished then my first install 2 months ago.

I setup the internet connection, calendar, E-Mail etc. I will refrain from installing any additional packages and just try to use what is there by default. Of course the goal is to find bugs and help debugging :)!

Happy Hacking!!!

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