Please concentrate on the 1% …

Why do we reinvent the wheel?

Every time I look for information on the internet, the content just keeps repeating. There is like 10.000.000 sites that show you how to install an OS on your Raspberry Pi, how to create your first org-mode file, how to install a package or program etc. I mostly have to click thru 10 pages with 99% of the same content until I finally find that 1% additionally information I actually need. This is simply a waste of time and I find it frustrating.

Why do people continue reinventing the wheel? If the information is already there on the internet then just link to it! With linking you say thank you to the original author. I find this to be a great thing to give back something good.
You can then concentrate on creating that 1% of new content. This doesn't have to be some great new idea, do not be scared. For example, most of us follow tutorials or How-Tos to get something set up. A lot of times not everything works exactly as described. So when you hit that one line in the tutorial that doesn't work as described and this issue needs some special attention, like a small script change, write about this! That is your contribution and it will be a great one.Why? Because there is going to be at least one more person out there that comes a cross the same issue. When they fire up a search engine and look for the solution, they will be very grateful when they do not have to scroll thru 99% of the tutorial they already followed and just find your 1%.

It's about putting the pieces together

I started this blog to say thank you to the great FLOSS community. I hope that my 1% is going to help someone see how the peaces all fit together. This is basically what I did professionally for almost 10 years working as Systems Engineer and this is what I can contribute!

Happy Hacking!!

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