Review of the last and the plans for the new year

Biggest things last year

Of course my year was also mostly influenced with Covid-19, so I am not sorry 2020 is gone. But thinking about last year a couple of good things also come to mind.

I am back on (good) social media

Since I ditched Facebook almost 10 years ago I kept away from any sort of social media. As Covid-19 came I was missing social contact as most people in the world. So I did some research and finally opened an Mastodon account on The community there is very nice and I started a couple of nice "digital friendships" across the world. I am very happy about this.

I started a blog

Roaming Mastodon for a couple of months I finally gathered my courage and started this blog. After some 10 or so posts I am expanding the topics I am writing about. No idea if somebody reads what I am writing, but it helps me gather my thoughts and document stuff I am passionate about.

My life in Emacs and Org Mode

For years I read about how Emacs is cool and how you can do a lot of stuff with the "hackable editor". Watching a Youtube video from the inventor of Org Mode, Carsten Dominik, I decided to take a look into it.
I am a person that lives and thinks in structures and I am a perfectionist. The way I can tweak Emacs and Org Mode to get my notes and to-dos done is just amazing. I moved not only my personal notes to Org Mode but also my work notes and now I can't figure out how I went thru my work day before :)!
As you probably figured out this blog is done completely using Emacs and Org Mode …

Plans for 2021?

When I learned something last year, then this: Big plans do not make sense.

I think I would like to learn a bit more Elisp, in order to better understand Emacs tweaking. Also some HTML/CSS would also be useful, just to be able to present and style the blog in a nicer way.

On the personal side, I want to try and concentrate on good things in life. Last year was not easy for a person like me which easily gets in a negative mood. This year started good and I hope to keep this positive attitude for a while. Keep your fingers crossed :)!

Happy Hacking!!

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