Last day of the year

The year 2021 is coming to an end

This year went very fast. I get a feeling that as I am getting older, that the time kind of runs faster. But I will not bother you with my middle-age problems …

What are the most noticeable events, changes … stuff in this year?

  • I changed my job and became a part of management in my company. Big change in my work life, still trying to wrap my head around it.
  • I got my booster vaccination and caught Covid-19 just 2 days after it. But as expected, it went away like a common flu due to the vaccination. So yes, go and get your shot!!
  • I stuck with both my presence on Mastodon as well as writing on this blog. Mastodon brought me interesting new inputs and I met more people with similar interests. Blog and writing helped me sort my thoughts.
  • I think I kind of got a bit better in using Emacs and Org Mode for writing and organizing myself. The whole year I wanted to read the Emacs and Elisp manuals, but never got to it. So my skills are improving slowly and probably not very efficient.

There is maybe one or the other thing that happened and is important to me, but they are too personal for the web.

I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope this one, will be the one we let Covid-19 pandemic behind us!

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