Bad communication skills?

Mind, stop jumping from topic to topic!

Houston, we have a problem.
Twice this week I was asked by my team members what I actually want to say or even worse what is the task I expect them to complete. It seems that my communication to my team is not clear and straightforward as it should be.

I was reflecting a little bit on the two occasions that this happened. It comes down to it, that I stared talking about one subject and then half way thru the story my mind jumps to another topic that seems to be related. My mouth follows my mind and I change direction mid of explanation, which confuses my counterparts. I need to tame my mind and concentrate on the topic I started talking about. Or at least, in order to remain flexible, to make a pause before I change topics and probably tell my counterparts: "Sorry, change in topic!".

This seems to be amplified by multitasking, distraction and stress. Now I am trying to stop multitasking and remove distractions during meetings, e.g. I close the Emails and kill the open Emacs client. Additionally I am trying to take a short walk during my launch time, because I am mostly not hungry around noon.

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