Hi there!

My username is anonimno


Who am I?

I am an engineer, hobby hacker and FLOSS enthusiast living in Europe. As a person I try to keep an open mind, never stop learning and contribute to the society as much as I can.

What are my interests?

For a couple of years now, I am building my own smarthome. After my setup started to reach some level of stability, I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences. This was the time the idea to start this blog was born. My main focus here was to show that you can build a complete smarthome setup without investing a lot of money.

I mostly try to keep the big players out of my digital life. They promote walled gardens and you always overpay the product you get from them. It's not that I do not like the comfort of buying stuff while laying on my sofa or watching Video-on-Demand. Believe me I do! But I prefer that as much as possible the devices and services I use either belong to me (and me having root control over them) or I pay somebody I trust with money to use the service they provide. I am the customer, not the product. So self-hosting is very interesting to me.

Other topics that will (probably) also get some blog time

  • (Debian) GNU Linux,
  • Emacs (you can find my config here),
  • My non-tech related hobbies (music, movies, fishing),
  • General ranting and politics (as far as I can understand them).
  • Team leadership, as I lead a couple of engineering teams.

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